Montse Residency


The Music District


Montse Carty has worked in various areas of the music industry, artist relations, programming, and global marketing for industry leaders – including Sony Music Entertainment and Pandora Media. In November 2017 she began working a dual role as Day-to-Day Artist Manager at 7S Management and Artist Relations Manager at Take Note Colorado. Montse has worked as an artist management consultant for three artists and two music photographers, whom she continues to advise. She also has a few additional musical projects that keep her busy, including co-managing the “Strings & Wood Concerts” series.

Montse looks forward to giving back to the artist community onsite at the Music District April 21-26. She will spend her time doing 1 on 1 coaching sessions and working with developing artists to help set up branding and marketing materials. In addition she’ll be attending many Fort Collins events/shows all week long!