Hip Hop History Week: Dance Cypher


Living Room


As a celebration of dance and hip hop, the Music District is partnering with Mightyrockmorez to present an open community dance cypher. DJ Dan will be dropping some good tunes and the dance floor will be open to anyone that would like to come through and vibe out with the crew, dance, and learn some hip hop and breaking. This is an all-styles cypher so bring your own Flava and move in any way that makes you feel good!

Cyphers have a long and involved connection to the history of dance. A cipher is the mathematical symbol (0), denoting absence of quantity. A dance cypher is the area of the dancefloor that is open to those who wish to dance in it. A cypher is also a sacred space to those who build and partake in them.

Check out Mightyrockmorez’s events in Old Town Square!

About Mightyrockmorez:
Mightyrockmorez was established in 2002 by Mitch aka Boston and in 2008 Kevin Yu, Phil Alvarado and Israel Herrera-Santos took over the crew and the responsibilities of keeping alive Hip Hop in Fort Collins. We are a breaking/hip hop crew, the only in Fort Collins, and since 2008, we’ve hosted several hip hop jams a year in Fort Collins and across Colorado including Nightmare on Beat Street, Foco Flava, Invisible Breaks, and Break-Mas Jam. Our mission is to keep alive and grow Hip Hop culture and to give back to the community. Proceeds from our jams go back to the community by purchasing food and warm clothes for the homeless as well as donating to the Fort Collins Halfway House. We have a couple annual events, Foco Flava and Invisible Breaks, that we throw every year in Old Town Sq Stage and across CO.