Hip Hop History Week: Graffiti Exploration

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Creative Community Center


Event Run Down: 

First half hour: summarized history and evolution of modern graffiti as it relates to hip-hop culture, followed by a brief but thorough education on the various style categories of graffiti: most commonly known as tags/handstyles, throw-ups/bubbles, straight letters/simples and finally wild style pieces.

Second Hour: Paul will demo each of those categories and the purpose they serve in the streets. Following the demo, the group will create their own mini-piece. Paul will walk around helping people and showing them how to make things funkier and have more fun with it. The group will have the chance to share what they have created.

Hosted at the Community Creative Center in downtown Fort Collins as part of Hip Hop History Week.

Creative Community Center is located at 200 Mathews St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

About Paul: Paul Lukes is a long time hip-hop connoisseur and practitioner of the elements with the majority of his focus on the visual art aspects of the culture. He works by day as a graphic designer for a variety of nationwide and local clients, some of which include veteran hip-hop artists whom he has designed albums for. He strives to combine his passions for hip-hop and the visual arts on a regular basis. He lives in Fort Collins with his wife Kyle Eustice and their two chihuahuas, Paco and Petey.