Gaelynn Lea: Tales of the Tiny Desk


The Music District - 639 S College


Gaelynn Lea, winner of the 2016 NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest, will be sharing her passion and experience with the Fort Collins community. She will speak about the Tiny Desk experience, from how she picked her song to what it was like to be contracted on a major project, to creating the Tiny Desk video. The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions and hear more about how this has affected her career, what opportunities arose from it, etc. Following the Q&A, Gaelynn will perform.

About Gaelynn

Classically trained violinist and songwriter Gaelynn Lea has been bewitching scores of fans with her experimental and
ambient takes on fiddle music, an approach that incorporates her love of traditional tunes, songwriting, poetry and sonic
exploration. Her work most recently won NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest, a competition drawing submissions of
original songs from more than 6,000 musicians across the country. Gaelynn Lea has been playing violin for over twenty
years, developing an improvisational style all her own. She has performed alongside many notable Minnesota musicians
over the years, including Alan Sparhawk, Charlie Parr, and Billy McLaughlin.

Gaelynn is currently working on her fourth studio album, with musical contributions by Al Church, Dave Mehling, Martin Dosh, Andrew Foreman, and Alan Sparhawk. This album will be released in 2018. You can donate to the project here and pre-order a copy of the album: