Art of Sampling – Creating a New Vibe


Living Room


This event is part of Hip-Hop History Month at the Music District. Check out our other events on our events calendar.
Hip Hop History Month is brought to you in collaboration with theDowntown Fort Collins Creative District and the Downtown Artery.
Join us for an interactive sampling workshop diving into the history, the controversy, the art form, and the how-to of sampling, with Detroit-based Hip-Hop Artist Sacramento Knoxx and Fort Collins Hip-Hop producers Kind Dub.

In music, sampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece.

Upon taking and finishing this course, Kind Dub will be giving away a free download to their newest unreleased Sample Pack with drums and sounds engineered for previous Kind Dub Studio albums.

“My life’s goal is to find a happy medium for sampling to be not only legal but for the right parties to benefit from it. There have to be sampling laws. The survival of hip-hop is based on that.” – Questlove

Event Details:

We have a two part-workshop planned for everyone interested in sampling. First, we will dive into sampling history and the importance and impact of sampling on hip hop music. We will discuss the controversy and why sampling is considered an art form by many, and a crime by others.

Part two of this interactive workshop will include an introductory dive into the how-to of sampling. We will explore topics like finding and recording samples, where to look, and how to use pieces of music production hardware and software to begin sampling. Kind Dub will share some of their own sampling projects, as well as answer any questions the audience might have about sampling with a Q&A to follow.
Sacramento Knoxx (Detroit, MI):
A hardworking interdisciplinary artist with strong Detroit roots, has built community concerts and workshops that engaged many audiences in public spaces all around the city. Currently, he travels nationally and internationally sharing interactive music performances, blending captured moments in life & creative imagery through large projection motion graphics. Building from raw experience and grit his works send vibrations to help assemble the worlds we want to live in. In addition to creating these dynamic storytelling installations, he creates documentary film and music video encapsulating the experience of struggle and celebration of diverse layers of communities.
Kind Dub (Cory Clarke & Cody Marsden – Fort Collins, CO)
Kind Dub, LLC was launched on November 1, 2013, after Cody Marsden and Cory Clarke spent a couple of years living and collaborating together in Fort Collins, Colorado. Cory moved to Fort Collins from Denver,  Colorado to study Business and Arts Leadership at Colorado State University. Other than working and the entertainment life, he enjoys traveling the outdoors, gardening, and sports. Cody moved to Fort Collins from Atlanta, Georgia to pursue music and business after attending college back home. When he’s not producing or diving into technology he likes to travel with his fiance and visit family. The two founders met each other through their love of music as well as mutual friends studying at CSU in 2011. They like to spend their time creating audio and video productions, touring and playing concerts, and discussing exciting business plans and ideas. Kind Dub opened their doors at The Music District in 2016 with the help of the Bohemian Foundation to assist fellow up-and-coming artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs in finding opportunities, and creative ways to succeed and collaborate in our unique scene.