Guest Blog by August 2018 Music District artist-in-residence Egoprisme

Jean-Marc (Egoprisme)

What a trip… When I applied for the Brest-Denver Sister Cities Music Exchange, I knew I could have a chance to travel the world thanks to my music, and moreover to meet musicians that would give me inspiration and new ways of composing. In early July, I received a mail saying I’m selected. Here we are. I’m gonna go to the US for the first time of my life.


The rest will only go crescendo: part of this ten days trip to Colorado includes meetings with musicians, a show at the Underground Music Showcase, and a three-days residency at Music District to collaborate with a local band named Sultan and Necromancer. What I didn’t know was what Music District exactly was. As soon as I arrived, I understood this place was far more than a complex housing high-end rehearsal studios. Music District is a state of mind. A place designed for musicians to feel free and supported in their art by a team full of caring and kindness.


No need to say Echo and Anna (the two musicians from Sultan & Necromancer that Music District gave me the honor to work with) were a perfect fit for my kind of music. As soon as we met, we knew this collaboration would help the three of us go further in our sonic explorations. After having explored Music District’s facilities, its beautiful surroundings and the most comfortable apartment I’ve ever been invited in, we started to work together in a state-of-the-art studio with everything we needed at disposal : a perfect PA, mics, guitar effects, amps, recorder… And a sound engineer ready to help any time. After the first couple of hours, we had a direction. Three days later we had three tracks combining both of our universes. The climax was on the third day, with the opportunity to play both our sets and the result of our collaboration at Downtown Artery, one of the most psychedelic place I’ve ever seen.


But composing isn’t the only thing Music District offered me, as this residency has also been an opportunity to improve my vocals thanks to a coaching lesson with Alia Goldfarb, to improve my mixing skills thanks to a soundcheck at Washington’s (one of the most prominent venue in Fort Collins) and to preserve my hearing thanks to Jim Betrus, who molded custom hearing protection for me.


Jean-Marc of Egoprisme dialing in his sound.

Meeting inspiring musicians and professionals, composing, practicing, playing, mixing and protecting my ears so that I can enjoy music as old as possible… What else? Oh, maybe the goal of writing new songs with Sultan and Necromancer and to release an album? I can’t thank the staff enough for such a positive experience, and really hope to come back soon!