“Strengthening Musicians. Strengthening Communities.”

A powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation; music is the greatest gift one can give or receive.

Detour is a program that aims to give this gift of music to kids across Colorado. By joining musicians and artists with communities around the state, Detour creates music education opportunities for youth to learn, share and collaborate in music-making.

From interacting with guitar or violin players to scratching on turntables and auto tuning vocals, Detour offers unique and specialized instruction from a variety of artists, in an array of disciplines.

Led by the Music District and supported by Colorado Creative Industries, Detour pairs musicians with communities across Colorado to program performances, workshops, field recordings, mini-residencies, community celebrations, and more.

A project of the Colorado Music Strategy, Detour returns music-making to a more creatively rewarding practice.

In the past year, the mission to provide every child in the state access to music education has taken Detour to mountain towns, down to the eastern plains, and to the neighborhoods of Aurora.

Denver big-names such as Isaac Slade of the Fray and the Flobots have lent their talents to Detour, in addition to help from artists and musical acts like 2MX2, Chimney Choir, Rebekah Durham of the Ginny Mules, and DJ Fullmetal. In addition to the ground-breaking educational work achieved, Detour also seeks to provide musicians with alternative and more sustainable touring opportunities.

“From high schools and universities to street parties and senior homes, over campfires, coffees, dinners, and wide-open landscapes, Detour will shift music-making from an emphasis on consumption back to cooperative creation.”