As summer draws to a close, festival season winds down as well (*sob*) and we find ourselves waving goodbye to weekends absolutely overflowing with music. At the Music District, we’re big fans of the camaraderie that comes with immersing yourself in watching back-to-back bands sweat it out on stage — or maybe just enjoying the outdoor solo acoustic sets that make summer memories so sweet. We also know that creating the community needed to nurture a noteworthy festival takes just as much work as crafting the tunes that you find yourself humming on your way home. In the spirit of supporting the scene behind the scene, we decided it was time to invite a hardworking community organizer to take part in our Music District residency program. 

Sarah Slater, co-founder and creative director at Titwrench Collective, cheerfully agreed to undertake this experiment with us (what should a community residency entail, anyway?) and spent some time in July at the Music District writing grants, reflecting on the just-wrapped Titwrench Festival in Stockholm, and connecting with like-minded music community cultivators. Among the highlights for us: hosting a podcast at the Music District featuring Sarah being interviewed by music community advocate Hannah Copeland alongside Greta Cornett and Bridget Law. Sarah, Greta, and Bridget all worked to produce music festivals that are celebrating 10 years in 2018 (Titwrench, FoCoMX, and the upcoming Sister Winds, respectively), and they had a lot of common ground to cover when it came to discussing DIY ethos, music community volunteerism and finding the resources needed to sustain a longstanding labor of love.

We’re looking forward to exploring more community residency opportunities in 2019 at the Music District. In the meantime, we encourage you to support live and local music by offering your time and attention to the efforts Sarah, Greta, Bridget and many, many others are organizing to bring these experiences to you — whether in your own backyard or abroad.