Find Your Place in Music

The Music District is home to musicians, music businesses, nonprofit music organizations, musicians in residence, music teachers, enthusiasts and just about anyone who loves music. We even have a community radio station and a music store. Come explore the whole campus and plug in where you fit.

FC Music Ecosystem

The Music District works with many community partners to support music in Northern Colorado and beyond. We want to draw people in for workshops, rehearsal space, professional and business development, and special events and then point them back out into the community. Northern Colorado has a rich landscape of venues, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and so much more, and the MD is honored to work with them all.


The volunteer spirit in Fort Collins is amazing and we want to foster the spirit of volunteerism within the Music District and beyond. We will offer numerous activities within the District, but also get you connected to local festivals, events and other nonprofit opportunities. Visit us during our normal business hours, or email us at to give us your contact information.