Punk, Post-Punk, Garage Rock, Garage Pop // For Fans of: The Pixies, Together Pangea, The Buzzcocks

Birthed from the solo basement-recordings of frontman Raymond Suny, The Sickly Hecks cut their teeth playing DIY house shows and local venues. They have since broadened their horizons, becoming a preeminent band in the Northern Colorado alternative rock scene. With raw production value and DIY ethos, the Hecks create a barrage of sound which varies from frantic angst-inducing punk, uneasy and sinister verses, and anthemic power-pop; The Sickly Hecks music exists in a constant balance between their love of punk and pop sensibilities.

Raymond Suny ran a house venue called “Heck House” where The Sickly Hecks would often open for other acts.

The Sickly Hecks is:

Raymond Suny – Guitar, Lead Vox
Steven Hartman – Drums, Backup Vox
Zach Visconti – Bass

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