Latin Ska // For Fans of: The Specials, The Beat, Inspector, Panteon Rococo, Fabulosos Cadillacs

One of Andy Gonzalez’s dreams was to create a band, a Latin ska band. After finding musicians on Craigslist for a “project”, his dream started to become real. Finally, on February 7th, 2014 that dream came true, when Roka Hueka had their first concert.

Roka Hueka is a Denver-based Latin ska band which has been creating danceable beats since their formation. They started out playing ska versions of popular songs before writing their own material and mixing in stylings such as rock, jazz, reggae, funk, punk, all with a ska backbone. The result is a lively and fierce sound that keeps you moving.

Roka Hueka looks forward to continually bringing the energy to the stage!

We truly enjoy every single moment on and out stage. We play like it is the last time we will do it and give it all!

Roka Hueka is:

Andy Gonzalez – Vocals
Blake Pendergrass – Drums
Ric Urrutia – Bass
Mario Ro – Guitar
Matt Wilkolak – Trumpet
Hansen Millison – Trombone
Pato Blanco – Sax

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Upcoming Shows:

No shows scheduled, we are working at the studio with new material for this year!

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Roka Hueka’s Favorite Colorado Artists:

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