Heavy Metal // For Fans of: Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Paradise Lost

Khemmis is an American doomed heavy metal band from Denver, Colorado. Their 2016 sophomore album ‘Hunted’ was named one of Rolling Stone‘s ’20 Best Metal Albums of 2016′ and received Decibel magazine’s ‘Album of the Year’ award, along with being ranked the 2nd best metal album of the 2010s by the same publication. Their latest records, 2018’s ‘Desolation’ and 2020’s compilation ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’ showcase a continuously evolving, heavy but melodic sound from the band, and anticipation is high for their worldwide Nuclear Blast Records debut in 2021.

This is powerful and emotionally cathartic music, with lyrics and melodies expressing deeply personal but universal feelings of grief, remorse, fear, and joy in equal measure. Expect to be crushed by heavy, grooving riffs one moment, and uplifted with soaring vocals and Iron Maiden-esque guitar harmonies the next. The combination of these elements play out in diverse ways across their discography, with the band subverting listener expectations at every turn. This has given each of their records a very unique but cohesive sound that stands out from their contemporaries, and continues to draw listeners across North America and Europe to their explosive live shows.

Since it’s inception in late 2012, the band has made a point of promoting Colorado and Denver’s music scene, in particular, by promoting independently owned venues, using their platform to spotlight the exceptional music being made in the area to an international audience, and working with local printers and artists whenever possible to bring their artistic vision to life. The band thanks everyone who has ever booked a show, bought an LP, printed a poster, or bought a drink for us, and want to do what they can to continue supporting the scene during these trying times.

Two sociology PhD students, the head brewer of Denver’s TRVE Brewing, and a structural engineer walk into a bar…

This is literally the formation story for Khemmis.

Khemmis is:

Phil Pendergast – Vocals, Guitar
Ben Hutcherson – Guitar, Vocals
Zach Coleman – Drums
Dan Beiers – Bass

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Upcoming Shows:

Everything cancelled due to COVID

Khemmis’ Favorite Colorado Artists:

Wayfarer – Amazing ‘old west’ themed black metal from Denver with a new, amazing record out now.

Primitive Man – Vitriolic, furious, grinding doom and noise from Denver. Not for the faint of heart but endlessly cathartic in these trying times. Also a great new record out this year.

Blood Incantation – Epic, psychedelic, sci-fi infused death metal craziness.

Dreadnought – Gorgeous, progressive black metal-leaning compositions filled to the brim with musical virtuosity.

Black Curse – Bludgeoning, primitive black/death metal with tons of evil atmosphere and completely unhinged vocals.