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Born in a small town named or Pittsburg, California, Katana Da Don was introduced to Salsa and Afro-Cuban rhythms at age three by her father. By age five she played the drums and cowbell alongside a group of brothers that lived up the street who later became known as Los Lobos. She pop locked and had boombox wars with her brothers, and later, other boys in her neighborhood. By age ten Katana Da Don was writing Hip Hop and R&B lyrics. One day she actually cried because she didn’t know how to play the melodies she heard in her head on her Casio keyboard. Her mom never forgot that and put her in Jazz/Gospel piano lessons when she could afford it a year later. These lessons gave Katana the tools to compose her own music.

Throughout junior high and high school, Katana secretly composed her music while honing her dancing skills in the Pep Squad at her school. Because of her sever shyness, she would rather dance than do anything requiring her to speak to a crowd. In her early 20’s, collaborated with her brother Demetrius and made songs on his four track recorder. Once she had her own computer, she recorded and released Katastrofik ((EP) on CD Baby. A year later she released her first full length album, Bad Habits, on CD Baby and local music stores. After releasing her album, Come N Get It, she decided to record at a professional studio to increase her quality.

During the process of creating her next album, Katana performed throughout Minnesota and other states in the Midwest. Her double album: Secret Weapon Vol. 1 (Hip Hop) and Secret Weapon Vol. 2 (R & B) was released in 2007 at Electric Fetus and CD Baby. The cd’s received good reviews from local dj’s, amongst her rap peers as well as the local Hip Hop/R & B audience. Her song “Lost” featuring St Paul Slim and produced by T – Lace, was listed as one of the best songs of the summer by Peter Scholtes of the City Pages.

Never afraid of testing her artistic boundaries, Katana Da Don branched out to flex her acting muscles playing a main character in local drama/comedy TH3M! The 5 episode series was showcased at the Twin Cities Black Film Festival in 2010. In 2011, she starred in the gospel play/musical The Devil Didn’t Raise You, where she sang an original song selected from her catalog by the play’s author.

In 2012, Katana started producing her own music again and adding elements of Rock to her repertoire. During this time, she also edited music videos for local artists including herself. In 2013, she joined the Bloody Boombox crew for the Roundabout Tour – a six stop tour of the Midwest. In 2014, a beat she produced was released by Lo Down ft Psyde FX of the legendary Chicago trio, Psycho Drama. In 2015, Katana opened her small studio doors to a few local artists. She gave them the name Back 2 Back because they came up with great concepts to her beats consistently. Because she enjoyed mentoring artists, she welcomed more into her world to encourage their progress and advise them on artistic decisions.

Katana Da Don released her album Kut Throat – A wicked mixture of Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and R&B – with an album release party with all female performers, featuring Rah Digga of Busta Rhyme’s Flip Mode Squad. During the same year, she also published a book of poetry called ‘From the Bottom’, now available on Amazon.

Being part of the HECATOMB crew, led by veteran MC/Beatboxer Carnage The Executioner, Katana Da Don has been given the opportunity to tour the Midwest, grow as a performer and really progress as an artist. She’s now living in Colorado and working on her next album along with a few collaborative albums. There is no limit to what is next to come. You’ll just have to wait and see.

By age five she played the drums and cowbell alongside a group of brothers that lived up the street who later became known as Los Lobos.

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