Punk Rock Singer-Songwriter // For Fans of: Fiona Apple, The Strokes, Pup, Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac

Erin Incoherent is a self-proclaimed punk rock singer-songwriter who recently released her 4th album, Dèjá Vu. It was created over the course of a year at New Jersey’s ‘House of Robot’ studio with fellow producer and friend Flavine. The 12-track release was mastered at Fort Collins’ own Blasting Room Studio by Jason Livermore. Dèjá Vu is the story of the past few years of the Colorado-raised singer’s life: the years she’s spent on the East Coast in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.
Unflinching, Erin croons about mental illness, substance abuse, betrayal, and belonging. It is an album of becoming yourself. Every song is relatable and authentic. Another incredible release from a rising star.

Flower arranging is one of Erin’s favorite activities.

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Jan 15th 2021: It’s Flaming Narcan: Operation in My Backyard Fundraising Livestream

Jan 17th 2021: The Jewel Box Livestream

Jan 19th 2021: Leesta Vall Sound Recordings

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