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Northern Colorado Touring Musician's Mind MeldWorkshopFree
  • 7:00pm
  • Tuesday May 9

The spirit of collaboration is the essence of this event and what makes the music industry timeless and dynamic. 

The Music District in partnership with The Mishawaka Amphitheatre present the Touring Musician’s Mind Meld. The goal for Touring Musician’s Mind Meld is for musicians competing in the same markets to engage in discussions about the joys, trials, tricks, and resources available for sharing their craft on the road.

The concept for this event is inspired by the World Cafe, “a method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue that matter in service to real work.” The World Cafe functions based on the assumption that, “We are wiser together than we are alone.”

The structure of the event is to set tables with flip chart paper, each with a topic related to touring; each table with host a micro group for ten minutes. During that ten minutes, musicians will be verbally prompted to ask questions about it or provide some insight, contact or other resource(s). After all rotations, totaling five or six, are complete, the larger group will gather together to have open dialogue breaking down the patterns present, sharing resources and other insights.

So You Wanna Be a Deejay?WorkshopFirst Spin StationFree
  • 2:15pm
  • Saturday May 13

Have you ever listened to the radio and thought, hey, I want to do that, I think I have the chops for radio! Or even an idea for a show that you’d love to share with or that reflects an unrepresented part of our community? Join the KRFC Team to learn what it takes to create your own music, public affairs, or news show on your community radio station.



Music Video Creation Series II: Working TogetherWorkshopThe Music District - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 2:30pm
  • Saturday May 20

NoCoast Artists presents a three-part, music video workshop series hosted by the Music District. This series of workshops are designed to help both musicians and filmmakers develop essential skills and techniques related to the creation of music video content. With an emphasis on creativity, relationships, and vision cohesion, these workshops will be highly interactive in nature.

II – Working Together: The second workshop in this series will focus on developing the relationship between artist and filmmaker. Whenever multiple creative minds share a project, the first challenge is to find a cohesive vision and working relationship that ensures a smooth creative process. This workshop will teach skills and best practices, as well as help both musicians and filmmakers better understand the other perspective.

We strongly encourage attendees to participate in all three events (one event per month April-June) as we will be developing baseline and ongoing skills, vernacular and relationships throughout this process.  Each workshop will include “hands on” activities with time devoted to applying learned skills. Additionally, there will be a strong collaborative element to the entire series, and we encourage both filmmakers and musicians to participate throughout all three workshops.

This workshop runs from 2:30-6:30pm.  See you there!


NoCoast Artists is an artist collaborative based in Fort Collins, CO. Best known for producing the feature film Whensday, NoCoast produces and distributes a variety of multi-media content and arts experiences. Founded by Tomas Herrera, Ben Mozer, Andrew Schneider and Doug Usher, NoCoast seeks to continue the advancement of the arts in Northern Colorado, and to prove to the world that you don’t need a coast to be a creative force in the world.

Navigating the Twists: Music Business Strategy & VisioningWorkshopLiving RoomFree
  • 7:00pm
  • Wednesday May 31
Creative Outreach Conference: Collaboration and Confidence WorkshopWorkshopThe Sisters - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 3:00pm
  • Friday June 2

It’s common business practice to bring experts and influencers on board when forming a workforce. But even the smartest individuals can’t outperform the net effect of a passionate, dedicated team with shared vision.

Teamwork and true collaboration can be catalyzed, and for a team to work at its highest level, these concepts must be reinforced. More than merely understanding the intricacies and precision that any job requires, recognizing that everyone in the team plays a crucial role is key to any team’s ultimate success.

Eric Melin’s Air Guitar Collaboration & Confidence Workshop starts with John Cleese’s definition of creativity (“a willingness to play”) and combines it with elements of improvisation and risk-taking to bring any team to vivid life and leave them with an absurd feeling of accomplishment—and a great story to tell.

The workshop unfolds on an even (and quite imaginary) playing field, giving each participant equal confidence to co-create a 1-minute World Air Guitar competition routine together. In a group setting, with advice and encouragement from world champion Eric “Mean” Melin, the team uses critical listening skills, imagination, and creativity to dissect a short piece of music and translate it into choreographed movement.

Although understanding the strategy behind a championship-winning air guitar routine is an absurdly specific thing, the concepts tackled in the workshop are broad enough to resonate with any team and reinforce the idea that the group is stronger than the individual. It also introduces the improv-centric concept of saying “yes, and” to suggestions—and discourages the kind of snap judgments that can kill true collaboration.

The essential bonding that creates instant trust and camaraderie among the group comes from the workshop’s last-minute twist. At the completion of the choreography, the group is informed that it will be performing the 1-minute routine together, in a nearby public area, as a flash mob. The novelty of the situation, combined with the feeling of confidence and safety that comes from doing it in a group, creates a unique bonding experience (not to mention, a flurry of onlookers pulling out mobile phone cameras).

A recent Cambridge study illustrated that playing air guitar is highly beneficial to the creative mind. It frees up actual musicians to think beyond the limitations of the instrument, and it improves creativity. This workshop leaves a team with a one-of-a-kind bonding experience— confident, refreshed, and excited—and ready to operate at the highest level.

About Eric

Eric Melin is an Air Guitar World Champion and TEDx speaker who espouses the creative virtues and fire-in-the-belly inspiration that can be derived from air guitar. With nine years of professional social media experience, he’s also an award-winning business communicator and the Senior Social Media Community Manager at ad agency Callahan Creek. For two years, Eric was social media chair for AAF-KC, and is currently President of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle. Perhaps he is best known as the 2013 World Air Guitar Champion, and a tireless ambassador for the sport of competitive air guitar—and its dream of achieving world peace.

Creative Outreach Conference: Effective Communication and Relationships in a Virtual WorldWorkshopThe Music District - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 3:00pm
  • Friday June 2

In a global, digital, and increasingly interconnected work environment, the quality of your virtual communication is critical to your personal and professional success. If you are a freelancer or work remotely, your ability to wow is measured almost entirely by how you deliver results through these channels.

This workshop offers strategies that you can immediately implement to improve the way you:
– Write clear, actionable emails
– Run efficient meetings
– Flawlessly execute deliverables
– Leverage tech tools to be more efficient and effective

About the Presenter

Julianna Kobs has directly supported Executive Directors and university leaders through calendar, event, travel and project management. She currently works as a virtual executive assistant and as the Program Director for 33Vincent Academy where she has created an online learning program targeted towards freelancers and remote workers. Over the years, Julianna has held many different types of positions including for a study abroad company, for a Milwaukee nonprofit, and on commercial fishing vessels. Whether working in traditional or nontraditional work spaces, Julianna has understood the deep impact that effective communication can have for relationship building.

Music Video Creation Series III: 48 Hour Film Festival KickoffWorkshopThe Music District - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 6:00pm
  • Friday June 9

The Music Video Creation Series culminates in a 48 Hour Music Video Festival, where musicians and filmmakers will be randomly teamed up and sent out to make a music video in just 48 hours. A week later participants will re-convene on June 17th to screen the completed works and celebrate the creation of new art in our world.


NoCoast Artists is an artist collaborative based in Fort Collins, CO. Best known for producing the feature film Whensday, NoCoast produces and distributes a variety of multi-media content and arts experiences. Founded by Tomas Herrera, Ben Mozer, Andrew Schneider and Doug Usher, NoCoast seeks to continue the advancement of the arts in Northern Colorado, and to prove to the world that you don’t need a coast to be a creative force in the world.

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