Starting off 2019 with Musical Extravaganza

After a two-week break, we came back to the Music District campus with a fresh craving for new musical experiences. January brought a diverse set of sonic programs to our Northern Colorado community. We couldn’t wait to get back into the rehearsal studios, work on new beats and plan a whole bunch of inspiring events … Continued

The Universal Language: Melissa Reese ponders Music

By: Malini Bartels and Melissa Reese If you’re wondering who the new face is on campus, it’s Melissa Reese, our new General Manager. It was the Music District’s tagline, Find Your Place in Music, that drew Melissa to apply for the open position earlier this year. Melissa’s excitement for the future of the entire Music … Continued

Friendsgiving: Connect (and Contribute!) to Community

Confession: as the Music District’s new Community Manager, I’d like to admit first and foremost that I was never really a fan of group projects in school. As an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate them more — but the real take-home is this: group projects are actually pleasant when you’ve got committed, inspired people involved. … Continued

Hip-Hop History Month: A look into November

This past year saw Hip-Hop music dominate the mainstream, finally eclipsing all other musical categories as the most-listened-to genre. According to Nielsen’s 2017 year-end report, for the first time ever, R&B/Hip-Hop became the most dominant genre, with seven of the top 10 most-consumed albums coming from that genre. Nielsen said the Hip-Hop/R&B genre ended as … Continued

Celebrate Surround Sound Bash 2018!

The Music District is turning 2 and we are bringing back our biggest party of the year! Surround Sound Bash is happening on September 29th from 4-9pm and it’s FREE. So, RSVP right away to grab a spot to celebrate with us and find your place in music! 2018’s party means it is bigger and … Continued

Ben Sollee Brings Kentucky Charm to Fort Collins

Ben Sollee is a local music scene’s national hero. After a decade of touring out from his home state of Kentucky, he’s proven to his friends, family and fanbase that he is the kind of artist who isn’t afraid to commit to a goal or a cause. From a nation wide music tour on bicycle … Continued

Sonic outcomes: “Beyond Genre”

On July 18th, 2018, Off the Hook Arts and the Music District co-hosted the event Beyond Genre: An Improv Experiment and Discussion.  What does the term “genre” mean? Is it obsolete? What does it do for us as musicians, industry folks, and supporters of music? What are the challenges surrounding the term? What about this … Continued