2018 Programming at the Music District

New newness and good times are comin’ atcha in 2018 at the Music District! Prepare thyself for fresh programming, educational workshops, film screenings, campus-wide celebrations, networking events, a music summit, master classes, performa­nces, + SO MUCH MORE! Film series What do you get when you combine music, movies, hot cocoa, good company, and extreme coziness? … Continued

Give the Gift of Music!

With the Holidays upon us along come the musical joys of caroling, gifting music lessons or instruments, holiday concerts, and musicals, etc. Indeed, the gift of music can come packaged in many ways! For me, a staff member and vocal instructor at the Music District, one of the biggest gifts is getting to work within … Continued

A Bowl By Any Other Name…

…would not sound the same. I’m so impressed with all the different ways music is enjoyed in our space. I often witness hands-on interactive experiences and see the wonderment on faces of all ages. Learning how to create sound where there was silence – it’s something instruments are known and created for. We sometimes take … Continued

Hip Hop History Week Preview

“You never thought Hip Hop would take it this far” “Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G. Birthed in the urban communities of New York City in the early 1970s, Hip Hop has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. Created from nothing, the culture outgrew its humble beginnings from block parties in the Bronx to packing … Continued

The Ouroborium Experience

By: Dimitri Zaugg The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a snake or dragon swallowing its own tail. It is often interpreted as the infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction. Birth and death, multiplicity and division, chaos and peace, satya and kali; these are just a few concepts that have inspired the Ouroborium. … Continued

OneBeat​ ​Creates​ ​Global​ ​Connections​ ​Through​ ​Music

In​ ​a​ ​world​ ​that​ ​sometimes​ ​feels​ ​vast​ ​and​ ​divisive,​ ​music​ ​gives​ ​us​ ​a​ ​shared​ ​language​ ​of experience​ ​and​ ​emotion,​ ​and​ ​can​ ​make​ ​communication​ ​across​ ​cultures​ ​as​ ​easy​ ​as​ ​1,​ ​2,​ ​3,​ ​4. From​ ​October​ ​15​ ​-​ ​22,​ ​Fort​ ​Collins​ ​will​ ​welcome​ ​​OneBeat​,​ ​featuring​ ​25​ ​musicians​ ​from​ ​17 different​ ​countries​ ​who​ ​will​ ​collaborate​ ​with​ ​the​ ​community​ … Continued

The Sound of Overcoming Obstacles

We often choose to push-aside the things we are afraid to talk about. So, allow me to talk about it. On Tuesday, October 3rd, my 11-year-old daughter and I attended the Gaelynn Lea event at the Music District. We decided to drive across town and listen to her, not because she won the 2016 NPR … Continued

MD’s First Blog Post

Welcome to the blog section of the Music District website! We aim to provide a unique and valuable resource for the musical community we serve, both on campus and beyond. Here we will share exclusive music-related content, full recaps of past events and tell you about upcoming performances, artist residencies and workshops at the Music … Continued