Celebrate Surround Sound Bash 2018!

The Music District is turning 2 and we are bringing back our biggest party of the year! Surround Sound Bash is happening on September 29th from 4-9pm and it’s FREE. So, RSVP right away to grab a spot to celebrate with us and find your place in music! 2018’s party means it is bigger and … Continued

Ben Sollee Brings Kentucky Charm to Fort Collins

Ben Sollee is a local music scene’s national hero. After a decade of touring out from his home state of Kentucky, he’s proven to his friends, family and fanbase that he is the kind of artist who isn’t afraid to commit to a goal or a cause. From a nation wide music tour on bicycle … Continued

Wheelchair Sports Camp Does Fort Collins

*Guest blog by Wheelchair Sports Camp – Music District Artists-in-Residence June 2018*  The summer’s been hot in Denver and most of us are drowning in developments that seem to pop-up every other day. The sports camp crew needed a break out the city, so when the Music District offered us a residency we jumped at … Continued

Musician’s Help Desk Advice Column: Band Bios

Dear Musician’s Help Desk, I need to write a bio for my band, but I’m afraid we don’t have an interesting story to tell. Where do we begin? Kisses, Super Boring Person   Dear Super Boring Person, Come on. You can’t be that boring of a person. You’re in a band! That automatically makes you … Continued

Della Mae Comes Off Road for Songwriting Retreat

The members of my band, Della Mae, live in three different states. People always ask us, “But how do you practice?”, to which we usually answer, “on the road.” While that is somewhat true, the reality is that on tour we are crunched for time simply trying to make it to every soundcheck. We struggle … Continued

Head for the Hills – Growing Beyond a Genre

*Guest blog by Matt Loewen – Music District Artist-in-Residence May 2018 and bassist in Head for the Hills* Head for the Hills has always had a bit of an identity crisis. Being a “bluegrass band” without a banjo is a strange place to start from, and no one in the band grew up with bluegrass. … Continued

Celebrations of Juneteenth

Celebrations of Juneteenth (June 3rd – June 19th) is a series of events created by Musician’s Angel Network with a dual purpose: to commemorate and celebrate freedom. This is the first year the Fort Collins community will see collaboratively created events surrounding the national holiday that honors the date slaves were released to freedom (June … Continued