…would not sound the same.

I’m so impressed with all the different ways music is enjoyed in our space. I often witness hands-on interactive experiences and see the wonderment on faces of all ages. Learning how to create sound where there was silence – it’s something instruments are known and created for. We sometimes take that for granted and forget that basically anything can make music.

Enter, Singing Bowls.

The soothing sounds and harmonious vibrations that come from Himalayan Singing Bowls are quite possibly the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced. I’ve done both private and group sessions – both are wonderful! It’s hard to believe there is someone in town who has a collection of these musical bowls, knows about it’s history and purpose, and plays them at the Music District on a regular basis. Her name is Betsy Perna and she is someone you should get to know.

I brought a pillow with me for my session and lay face up. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by multiple frequencies while Betsy summoned each bowl to “sing”. I must have fallen asleep – when I woke up, 45 minutes had passed and I felt refreshed and energized. I could actually FEEL the music that was surrounding me! It’s unlike anything else.

Singing Bowls sessions are offered in a group session once a month and privately by appointment. Visit Betsy’s instructor page for more details. The group sessions are getting quite popular so RSVP is mandatory and donations are encouraged.

Music had taught me how to listen. The bowls have taught me how to feel the music.

Malini Bartels is a Music District original team member, mother of 2 intelligent girls, and active community supporter.